Say Hello to the new Microsoft Office Icons, whether you like them or not …

Microsoft rolls out new Microsoft Office Icons – Excel, Outlook, Word etc.

Microsoft has revealed all-new Office 365 app icons with bolder, lighter hues, combined with simplistic visuals and supposedly more recognizable symbols.

New Office 365 Icons

New Office 365 Icons

New Icons are supposedly easier to recognize

It’s been almost 6 years since the last update of the Microsoft Office icons, which took place in 2013.  Since that time, a lot of changes to the Office suite have happened – new products, lost products and many new features into existing products.

More than a billion people use Microsoft Office every day across a variety of industries and geographies.  They work on tablets, desktops, phone and more.  These new icons will be rolling out across all platforms and you may see them first on your iphone or Android devices if you update your apps regularly.

To support the new, much more collaborative Office suite, Microsoft has rolled out the new icons and they are new for every application:



The new Office 365 icons will likely appear when you update your Office product next – which you can force to happen now if you visit the account section and click update.

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