Spring has sprung, so it’s time for Spring Cleaning – including your PC

Spring is well and truly with us and what does that mean?  Yes, we know it means spring storms, maybe a little hail or unexpected snow, but it also means spring cleaning.

You clean the house, the garage, the yard.  Cleaning up all the crap that’s accumulated in the corners, under the deck, in the planters etc.  Heck, you might even clean the hose windows – the actual windows on the house that you look through.  I’ll get back to the other windows in a minute.   So, do you do all this yourself?   – or – do you call the guy who does this for you?  Some or all of it – how many of you call a guy – or gal – who does the yard?  Or the windows?

It’s not unusual and I’ll admit that we did a little of the yard cleanup and realized, there was a whole lot more that had to be done.  So yeah, we called the guy – he’s a landscaper and he does yard cleanups.  Best money we’ve spent this year, because it was TWO trips to the dump with his pickup taking bags of yard rubbish away.  Two trips with a pickup – do you think I realized how much crap there was?  Nope.  Am I glad it’s done?  You betcha.

Anyway, the point is – we can do these cleanups ourselves – but sometimes it’s just better to get someone else to.

And that brings us to the other kind of Windows – the Windows 10 PC.

PCs don’t clean themselves up, just like yards don’t.  And over a couple of winters of not cleaning up ourselves properly, we had two pickup of crap.  Your PC will have crap on it too – I can pretty much guarantee it.I bet you there are thousands or tens of thousands of messages about stuff that went wrong on your computer that are just hidden away.

We look at those.

We also look at your software you have installed.  WE know which ones are OK, which are “sort of OK”, which we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies and how and why they get onto your computers.  Those as like having mice in the garage.  You might not know they’re there, but we know where to look and we clean the little blighters out.

There are other issues with older pieces of software.  Even software that updated itself but did a poor job of cleaning up behind the old version.  All those registry entries and old files can get left.  We know which commonly used programs do that – and we can uninstall them, clear out the folder and reinstall the latest version, then clean up any mess left by the installer.

We also install a free tool that helps you sweep the machine regularly of the trackers that spy on you.

Now we know you can do this yourself, but why should you?  You might even know a guy in the IT business, but do you really have conversations about which windows patches are causing problems during install?  And if he’s pure corporate IT, he might not even know that the problem on occurs on Dell Inspiron home machine with a particular graphics card.

We do.  I do.

Seriously – if you haven’t cleaned up your old PC – even one a year or so old, it’s going to be dragging like you put the wrong type of gas in it.  We do these tune-ups remotely and we do them for a flat fee of under $80.

Ready for the right solutions?

It’s time to offload your technology troubles and security stress.